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Contract purchasing is a simple concept that is complicated in execution.

The critical-path elements of FF&E furnishing are often its most complex custom pieces, requiring attention to detail and coordination across the entire project team. Open communication, fast response times and a clear understanding of who is responsible to act, is critical to keeping your project on schedule.

Our commitment to constant communication and proactive project management, to tackle high priority issues early, is what makes us the best procurement firm in the world.


GS Associates will help you plan your project starting right from the blank page. A detailed and dynamic, but easy to develop budget will allow for targeted cost control.

Our free-to-use budgeting application offers several project templates at every stratification, based on star-level, room-type or down to each individual item. 

This powerful tool will lay a strong foundation for success over the life of the project. See our video below and sign up with absolutely no strings attached to begin using it for free.


There will always be an important balance between lowering costs and maintaining the level of quality you expect in your FF&E. Excellent sourcing is essential for achieving this.

We believe that a fully-transparent, truly competitive market environment is the only viable way to guarantee that you are getting the best price possible. That means we do not source only to companies who pay us for the right to bid and it means zero kickbacks.

At GS Associates we promise to create a level playing field for everyone to compete for the privilege of your business.


The GS team brings explicit product knowledge to every order. Intimate familiarity with construction quality and industry standards on fixtures, casegoods, upholstered seating, fabrics and more allow us to take active roles in the development of your entire FF&E package.

True value engineering is not simply about cutting costs. Whether features are being removed or added it is about understanding the actual impact of every option for every component of every product. This requires deep comprehension of production processes, materials, fire codes and logistics to always meet or exceed industry standards.


Accurate interpretation of designer specifications, accurate interpretation of subsequent bids and intimate product knowledge are critical for high-level analysis. We are experts at comprehensive, context-rich evaluations, providing the guidance that allows you to make the right decision for your project.

As Agent, we more closely align with your interests than any part of your project team. Our agenda is your agenda. We embrace this fundamental philosophy in our role as advisors and consultants as we evaluate and present your options throughout the process.


We handle your resources efficiently. You have live access to the whereabouts of every cent at every moment. Instant, secured access to the history of every transaction with back up documentation is a click away. Reports tracking all disbursements of funds, from merchandise deposits to final payments, freight, sales tax and use tax accruals are always up to day and available instantly at any time.

Our system allows for extensive control over asset code classification, prevention of unintended payments, cost analytics and easy reconciliation of vendor accounts and total project costs. 


Active expediting is vital for every order. A consistent, proactive dialogue with vendors and design allow for early problem-catching and effective navigation of challenging phases like the review and approval of pre-production materials.

We have identified over sixty points of action across individual specifications’ End-To-End lifecycles. Major milestones of quantification, bidding, order drafting and release, funding requests, invoicing, approvals, production, shipment, installation and final punch all have their own collection of subtasks for GS Associates and other parties to be aware of and accomplish.

It is our job to shepherd your furnishings from conception to closeout and beyond.


The proper receipt and handling of goods must be well managed or extensive damage and loss can occur, resulting in added costs and opening delays.

We work with a network of experienced national and global warehousing and installation contractors specializing in FF&E handling, to establish procedures for insuring, securing and storing owner’s materials. The same dedication to communication and planning in earlier phases are equally essential during warehousing and installation to minimizing risk and achieve final opening.


Our service does not end once your property opens. We gather, organize and submit full closeout documentation including warranty information, care and maintenance instructions, full accounting back up for reconciliation of funds, and fire rating certifications for all relevant products and materials.

Our team can provide guidance and answers years after your doors have opened and our documentation is available for download in perpetuity at any time through our online system.

You will always know what you ordered, where it came from, and how much was paid, for every item we procure.