APEX Pro is a proprietary software application specifically developed for FF&E and OS&E Contract Procurement. The versatility and depth of this technology comes from the fact that it is a 100% Web Application. Project Managers can work and access data from any internet connection. Vendors can place bids directly online. Warehouses can enter receiving reports. Clients can log on to view reports generated at request from real time data.

APEX Pro is not a “packaged” program. Development and refinement of Apex Pro is a continual process that goes on every day at GS Associates, Inc. New features, new reports, new refinements are added as needed. This constantly evolving, constantly improving aspect of Apex Pro makes it a unique application in contract procurement.

APEX Pro is the premier management tool for FF&E and OS&E procurement, and a valuable system for the organization of information, communications, and budget tracking, and allows project managers unprecedented control of the procurement process.

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Key Features Include

• 100% web application – accessible anywhere
• Tiered budget tracking (forecasted, client, estimated, actual, committed)
• Integrated vendor management
• E-bid online vendor bidding
• Streamlined bid to specification to PO
• Automated (real time) budget tracking
• Specification detail management (CFA, shop drawing, etc.)
• Electronic Specification and PO approvals
• Extensive Expediting and Tracking management
• Standard and custom reporting (available real-time over the internet.)
• Direct, off-site receiving report entry (warehouse)
• Automatic bid generation.
• Bid document analysis / reporting.
• Full accounting – from line item, to full project, to check writing – all are integrated directly into APEX Pro.